Our medical centre services

Our medical practitioners are well experienced in dealing with all issues relating to General Practice.

Family Health

  • Paediatrics including childhood immunisations
  • Men’s health
  • Aged care

Women’s health

We provide a range of women’s medical services to diagnose and treat conditions that can affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. We believe in offering these services in a casual, personalised setting with the aim of assisting you to maintain a healthy life. 

  • Menopause assessment and advice
  • Breast checks
  • Cervical screening
  • Reproductive and fertility advice
  • Shared antenatal and postnatal care
  • Contraception (including Implanon insertion/removal)

Mental health

  • Mental health including GP Mental Health Care Plans

Preventative medicine

Our team offers various preventative medical services to monitor and prevent different types of diseases. We will get an overall assessment of your health to provide you with suitable treatment and management plans.

  • Chronic disease management and GP Management Plans (EPC)
  • Diabetes checks
  • Asthma management including Action Plans and Lung Function tests
  • Immunisations including travel vaccinations
  • Annual >75yo health checks
  • 45-49yo health assessments (you may be eligible for a full Medicare rebate)
  • Smoking cessation advice and management
  • Weight loss advice and management

Occupational health and motor vehicle accidents

  • Workplace injuries
  • Workplace medicals including Driver’s Licences
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)


We offer a visual examination of your skin to check for any suspicious irregularities. All moles will be assessed and noted down. It is recommended to do regular skin checks so we can monitor any changes.

  • Skin checks
  • Skin cancer biopsies and removal

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Our team offers Covid-19 Vaccinations on most days of the week.  

  • Call us on 9733 3007 to book or;
  • Book online using Hot Docs
  • From ages 5+

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